This WEB-Site is concerned with highlighting the activities of the RAE Ex-Apprentices Association. The association provides a forum for ex-apprentices to meet and exchange views and experiences.

We were trained by the men who knew Cody, De H, Clarke and Busk,

And in the early days of flying, we struggled from daylight to dusk,

To get earthbound men skywards in devices although very crude,

Contained all the basic ingredients for the mighty aeronautical prelude,

Since those early beginnings it’s an honour, and a privilege to be,

RAE Apprentices like the other one thousand, and me.

believed to be from the pen of Digger..

Many ex-apprentices have made a major contribution in the fields of aviation, avionics, aerodynamics, engineering, information technology and others. Examples include major R&D programmes associated with the development of many well known aircraft including, in more recent years, Concorde, Harrier, Hawk, TSR2, Tornado, Jaguar, Lightning, Hercules and many more.Some 'ex-apprentices' are famous as household names in other fields. For example, Michael Bentine was given Honarary Apprentice status for his support at a reunion dinner.

Please click here for more images of unique events in history. We hope that the WEB-Site provides a useful reference to ex-apprentices, particularly those who are unaware of the Association in the hope that they might make contact with one of the committee members.

However, the association is now mainly concerned with more social activities. We are of course also the living history of RAE and maintaining interest/contact through news articles etc.

Are you an Ex-Apprentice who has just discovered this web site please email your contact details to the membership secretary Jim Allen many thanks.