Memoirs of Concorde from Dick Delaney's personal collection

Concorde, still seen as the finest achievement in the field of commercial aviation. This image shows an early pre-service Concorde landing at the RAE sometime during the 1970s.

The photograph shown is from Dick Delaney's personal collection of favourite images. For a wider perspective of this great aircraft please Click Here.

Though now somewhat 'elderly' Concorde remains an success story in both technical and political terms. Many have tried to down Concorde on grounds of environmental issues and due to pangs of either envy or jealousy. Notwithstanding, Concorde is an enigma that just refuses to give in and remains an important expression of British pride in an age some consider by many to be dominated by mediocrity.

Concorde is also a story of Anglo French co-operation and technological success. Sightings of this magnificent aircraft still cause a strong emotional reaction wherever it appears - even the most hardened observers usually fail to suppress a tear of pride in recognition of one of man's great aviation achievements.

RAE Ex-Apprentices contributed to the development of Concorde in many areas, a factor underlining the quality of the apprenticeship training and education provided by the establishment.

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