Home to many ....... the Apprentices Hostel

Yes! The Apprentices Hostel ...... home to many during their stay at the RAE. It can be safely said that memories of the five years or so spent in this 'residence' will be both varied and colourful.

The photograph shown is from FASTA archives. We apologise for the quality of the images but they are not original prints. For more memories of the hostel please click here.

Whatever individuals thought of the hostel the time spent there in that unique community is likely to be remembered with surprising affection and will certainly not be forgotten. Many long lasting friendships were formed within its walls and many strange bedfellows discovered common interests and common causes.

The hostel was home to a number of unique and important projects including:

The famous Flying Bathtub

The Austin Seven on the roof

Half shaven heads after a failed raid to capture the Harwell Apprentices mascot

Many, many successful Rag Processions

Whatever the individual thought of the hostel it was an important and embedded part of the unique culture that was the RAE Apprentices scheme. It provided the environment in which future careers, ingenuity and inventiveness could flourish. Individual 'genius!', however unusual, was encouraged and sometimes even tolerated in an environment of liberal openness and it was in this enclave that many future 'thinkers' germinated.

Few will deny that the hostel was a wild place. But sadly no more, it has been raised to the ground and replaced with a housing estate, so if you fancy reliving old times a purchase can be made!

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