The Year of '42

The years aircraft: The Hawker Tempest

February 21 – Air Marshal Arthur T. Harris assumes command of RAF Bomber Command. Known to the press as "Bomber" Harris, he will command Bomber Command for the remainder of World War II.

February 26–27 (overnight) – 49 British bombers attack Kiel, Germany, with the loss of three aircraft. They score two hits on the German battlecruiser Gneisenau, killing 116 of her crew and damaging her so badly that she never is seaworthy again.

December   The Royal Air Force begins airborne jamming of German Freya and Mammut radars with Mandrel jammers carried aboard Boulton Paul Defiants of No. 515 Squadron flying over the North Sea off the coast of the Netherlands on a patrol line known as the "Mandrel Screen."   Royal Air Force bombers begin to employ "Tinsel", a device to jam German night-fighter controllers' speech radio frequencies.