The Year of '45

The years aircraft: The Fairey Spearfish

March 13–14 – A Royal Air Force Avro Lancaster of No. 617 Squadron bombs the Bielefeld Viaduct in Germany in the first operational use of the 22,000-pound (9,980-kg) Grand Slam bomb.

April 9    Over 300 Royal Air Force bombers raid the dockyard at Kiel, Germany. They capsize the German "pocket battleship" Admiral Scheer with a direct hit and several near misses.

September 15 – A fly past of 300 aircraft takes place over London to celebrate Battle of Britain Day on the fifth anniversary of the decisive day of combat in the Battle of Britain. Although two-thirds of the fighter squadrons defending Britain in the battle operated Hawker Hurricanes, not a single Hurricane takes part in the flypast