The Year of '58

The years aircraft: The Blackburn Buccaneer

A Memory

The 2012 do at FASTA for the '58 crowd.

People Index for album ‘RAE Apprentices (circa 1958)’

(Notes - see apprentice listing on web site (circa 1958 entry) for more individual detail.) (Photos on pages 1 to 3 mostly taken by Jack Griffith)

Page 1: - ‘Biceps’ Phil Harwin, Barry Morris, Brian Taylor, Brian (Speed) Simpson. ‘Cool’ Dave Sherwood, Dave-----------, Barry Morris, Brian (Speed) Simpson, Mick Mara.

Page 2 - ‘Tree’ Bruce Legg, Brian Taylor, Johnny Wilkinson, Phil Harwin ‘King?’ Phil Harwin  ‘Speedy’ Brian (Speed) Simpson

Page3 : -  ‘Where?’ Johnny Wilkinson, Brian Taylor, Mick Mara, Phil Harwin, Bruce Legg ‘Dustbin’ Mick Mara, Brian (Speed) Simpson, Brian Taylor, Johnny Wilkinson ‘Circus’ Johnny Wilkinson, Phil Harwin, Mick Mara, Bruce Legg + ?????

 Page 4 : - 'Okay’ Mick Mara, Johnny Wilkinson Brian (Speed) Simpson, Jack Griffith, ‘Maverick’ Dave Sherwood, John French, Brian (Speed) Simpson, Barry Morris, Johnny Wilkinson, Phil Harwin, Terry Budgen, Mick Mara,

Page 5 : - ‘Watch’ Johnny Wilkinson, Brian Taylor, Mick Mara, Phil Harwin, Bruce Legg,  Jack Griffith, John Vaughan  ‘Passes’ Phil Harwin, Johnny Wilkinson ‘Relaxing’ Dave Brown (guest), Phil Harwin

Pages 6  & 7 : - ‘Trip to Duane Eddy gig in Southampton’ including Phil Harwin,  Johnny Wilkinson, Jack Griffith, Pete Webb, plus ?????????

Pages 8 & 9: -   Temperance Seven gig for Farnborough Rag Ball

Pages 10     11  & 12 : - Mobile Economy Run  ‘Hotel’ Barry Morris, Phil Harwin, Johnny Wilkinson, & Mick Fegrado

Page 13: - ‘Band’ Phil Harwin, Tony Crowcombe & ??????????   ‘Guitarists?’ Phil Harwin, Brian Taylor  ‘friends?’ Phil Harwin, ??????, Barry Morris, Malc Oakley

Page 14 : -  ‘Threat?’ Malc Oakley, Brian Taylor, Brian (Speed) Simpson, Phil Harwin, ‘Entry & VAT 69’ Phil Harwin ‘Nice hair?’ Tony Pickering, Brian Taylor, Ian Mackinder?, Malc Oakley

Page 15 : - San Feliu, Costa Brava, Spain.  ‘Luis Bar’ Phil Harwin, Pete Webb, Glen Freshwater ‘Beach’ Johnny Wilkinson, Phil Harwin, Pete Webb, Glen Freshwater

January 26 – British European Airways (BEA) takes over all operation of Cyprus Airways routes, although Cyprua Airways continues to operate under its own name.

April  The Handley Page Victor strategic bomber begins to enter squadron service with the Royal Air Force

June 9 – London Gatwick Airport opens after two years of extensive reconstruction. It is the first multimodal airport in the world, with direct rail connections from the main terminal to London and Brighton.

September 30 – Britain's last flying boat is withdrawn from commercial service when Aquila Airways terminates its service on the Southampton--Funchal (Madeira) route.

October 4 – BOAC de Havilland Comet 4 G-APDB makes the first commercial transatlantic crossing by a jet airliner, from London Heathrow Airport to New York International Airport, Anderson Field via Gander.

November 25 – The English Electric P.1B, the first fully developed prototype of the English Electric Lightning, exceeds Mach 2 for the first time