The Year of '60

The years aircraft: The Vickers Vanguard

Graham Pike, Maurice Shakespere and Friends

Some in house Photos of the time.. The Trog Shop

In 1960 the Apprentice Association welcomed the new Apprentices - the practice had disappeared by 1968 - I wonder what changed after 1960? Here's the welcome document...

April 10 – BOAC resumes scheduled air service from London to Cairo (Egypt), suspended in October 1956 at the time of the Suez Crisis.

April 13 – The United Kingdom terminates ballistic missile research, preferring to simply purchase the U.S.-developed GAM-87 Skybolt missile

October 31 – British European Airways retires the DC-3, its last piston-engined airliner serving out of London-Heathrow, from scheduled passenger service.

December 24 – The North American Air Defense Command (NORAD,) continues the annual tradition begun by the U.S. Continental Air Defense Command in 1955 of reporting on Christmas Eve that it is tracking Santa Claus's sleigh, presenting the most elaborate "reporting" of its progress yet. This time, NORAD's northern command post at St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada, provides regular updates of a sleigh operated by "S. Claus” which is “undoubtedly friendly." During the evening, NORAD reports that the sleigh has made an emergency landing on the ice of Hudson Bay, where Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) interceptors discover Santa Claus bandaging his reindeer Dancer's front foot, after which the RCAF planes escort him when he resumes his journey.

December The Royal Navy retires it last piston-engined fixed-wing aircraft, the Douglas Skyraider, from front-line service